Linda Edwards Art and Illustration

Linda Edwards has worked as a professional illustrator and artist for about 25 years.

Currently she is working on paintings in watercolour, oils and acrylics in intense colours and is developing a passion for gold! Her work is often inspired by poetry and has a lyrical, naive, decorative style. She likes to sometimes incorporate text. Illuminated manuscripts, Persian miniatures and folk art are influential in her work.

flower city tissue
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elephant romance
Sunny Side Art

Linda’s illustrative work has appeared in many different guises over the years. With no formal art training, but developing as a self-taught artist, she has worked on many varied collections. These include illustrating children’s books and licensing artwork for products such as greetings cards, ceramics, enamelware and melamine.

This website mainly shows her illustration and current licensing. Linda's other websites; for Sunny Side Art, please look here, for Art and Paintings please look here.


Paradise Garden and Teapots

New World Symphony teapot

The Paradise Garden and teapot collections from Goebel are now sadly no longer in production. This means that figurines and teapots are only available from shops that might have some existing stock or from places like ebay. Or try Collectors may like to contact kaennchentalk, a blog based in Berlin, to talk to others who also love them.

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